Indie zombie film to be shot in Youngstown beginning Dec. 26

Indie filmmaker Sergio Myers has chosen Youngstown as the location for his next movie, “The Zombinator,” and filming is set to begin on Monday, Dec. 26.

“I was originally in Youngstown to film a segment for a documentary I am doing on fashion bloggers who write for a Web site, I spent a weekend with one of the bloggers, Joanne Tombo, who showed me the town and was genuinely sad at how desolate it had become,” said the Los Angeles-based filmmaker. “For me, the place and the people were an inspiration, and thought that the abandoned buildings would be fantastic locations, and it just hit me: ‘I need to film a zombie movie here!’ ”

Myers said that since word got out that he would be filming in Youngstown, people have offered their skills, time and houses – anything to help make the movie happen. Myers said the response has been overwhelming and touching.

“Ironically, Youngstown has a huge zombie following and people have literally been coming out of the woodwork just to be a part of it. What started for me as a pet project has turned into huge responsibility. We have hundreds of people offering their time to actually make this happen. We are like a major movie, just with a micro budget.”

Myers will be filming in a style he called “free-flow filmmaking” – where he writes the script with the camera.

“I have an outline of how the story goes, and when I turn up on set, I tell each actor what their scene is, their relationship to that scene, and the other people in that scene, and say ‘action.’ ”

Myers first developed this technique with his award-winning movie, “Jordon Saffron, Taste This!,” which was distributed nationally and internationally. The feature, described on his Web site as a “mockumentary,” won two Telly Awards. Myers produced, directed and starred in the film. His last short-film series “L.A. Love Story Part 1” and “Part 2” was recently acquired by Shorts International in the United Kingdom.

For more information on the project, visit For more information on Myers, visit His phone number is 310-961-4509.

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