RECIPE: Silver (Mirror) Club Sandwich

Silver Mirror Club Sandwich served with potato chips. Image by Ron Flaviano for Homeplate and Metro Monthly.

RECIPE by HELGA WENGLER for HOMEPLATE HOMESTYLE Helga approximated the popular club sandwich, which was a favorite at the former Silver Mirror Restaurant in Struthers.


3 pieces white toast 4 slices bacon mayonnaise lettuce, tomatoes sliced 1 egg salt and pepper


Toast the three slices of bread. Fry bacon. Spread mayonnaise on all three slices of toast. Add lettuce and tomatoes on first slice of toast. Add salt and pepper. Add second slice of toast, then add bacon. Fry egg over hard and place on top of bacon. Cover egg with third slice of toast. Cut diagonally into quarters and secure with toothpicks in the middle of each quarter. Place quartered pieces on their sides on a serving plate. Add chips. Makes one sandwich. ABOUT HELGA WENGLER – “Homeplate Homestyle” host Helga Wengler is a native of Frankfurt, Germany. She learned to cook from her mother and loves to share her knowledge and ability with TV viewers each week on “Homeplate Homestyle.”  She and her husband, Wolfgang, are very active in the local community. Helga and Wolfgang also enjoy spending time with their three daughters and six grandchildren. Visit for more of Helga’s recipes. © 2011 The Metro Monthly. All rights reserved.

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