Project Feed Our Valley raises $71,599 for Food Bank

WFMJ’s Project Feed Our Valley campaign raised $71,599 and collected over 74,000 pounds of food to feed hungry families in Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull counties.

In five years, the effort has collected $289,090 and 329,943 pounds of food.

“Project Feed Our Valley campaign is growing each year, and the impact it has had on the Food Bank is incredible,” said Michael Iberis, executive director, Second Harvest Food Bank.

“We are humbled by the tremendous community support garnered through this campaign, including the continued support of Sparkle Markets, Chevy All Stars, The Cafaro Foundation and the Eastwood Mall. Every dollar raised and every can of food collected makes a huge difference when more than 13,000 people each week in the Mahoning valley rely on our services. We simply cannot thank 21 WFMJ and the generous people of this Valley enough for what they do,” Iberis said.

Second Harvest Food Bank of the Mahoning Valley distributes food to 153 hunger relief organizations in Columbiana, Mahoning and Trumbull counties. Organizations include church pantries, homeless shelters and soup kitchens, shelters for battered women and after- school programs. For more information on Project: Feed Our Valley, visit or to learn more about how you can help feed hungry people in our community please call the Food Bank at 330-792-5522 or visit

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  1. While much attention is paid to the Second Harvest Food Bank and a day does not go by without it being mentioned in the news, I feel you need to also be aware that not everyone is able to take advantage of this resource and Trumbull Mobile Meals’ goal is to make sure that the real face of hunger will fade away for those who are limited in mobility, ill/frail and homebound.

    There is a large segment of our community that are wheelchair bound, use walkers and canes, are too ill to prepare a meal, or do not have the resources to drive to a congregate meal site or food distribution center. Today’s tough economic conditions make it difficult for Trumbull Mobile Meals to meet those needs without help from people like you. We would like to see similar coverage for those whose needs we service


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