Main Library front entrance closed during repairs; alternate entrance open

The patron entrance in the atrium of the Main Library of the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County, located at 305 Wick Ave., is now closed to all patrons, but the library remains open to the public during repairs. An alternate entrance has been set up in front of the building facing Wick Avenue.

It had originally been thought that handicapped patrons would still be able to use the atrium entrance, but as work progressed, it became clear that safety factors prohibit anyone from entering through that area. So the atrium entrance has been closed off.

The Library will make special provisions for handicapped patrons, since the temporary entrance off Wick Avenue includes an inside stairway. Patrons with special needs should call the Library at 330-744-8636 to make arrangements for a staff member to meet them at an accessible staff entrance and escort them to public library areas.

Work on the steps inside the atrium entrance began Tuesday, April 3, and is expected to take approximately three weeks.

Updated information will be available at 330-744-8636 and on the Library’s Web site: <> .

Patrons are reminded that they can use any of the 15 branches of the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County during the period that repairs are under way at Main Library. Additionally, materials can be sent to other libraries for pick-up by patrons. The Library’s Web site and PLYMC mobile app for smart phones are also available for various library services.

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