VIDEO: Cleaning paint brushes

Kevin and Kristy share a few great tips for those taking on a home painting project!

KEVIN KRALJ Host & Design Specialist/“StyleLife” – Kevin Kralj and his sister, Kristy Regula,  share home improvement and decorating tips with viewers during their “StyleLife” segment.  “I enjoy homekeeping (including gardening), entertaining friends, watching Bravo and HGTV, and my Siamese cats,” says Kevin. “My design inspirations are Martha Stewart and Sarah Richardson and my favorite “food” star is Ina Garten, also known as The Barefoot Contessa. “She makes it look so easy,“ Kevin says. A practicing attorney, Kevin works for a Mahoning County governmental agency.

KRISTY REGULA Host & Design Specialist/“StyleLife” – Kristy, who works as a television producer for WPXI in Pittsburgh, describes herself a “news junkie.”  Kristy holds a bachelor’s in broadcast news and a master’s in telecommunications management from Ohio University. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Robert, and their four pets: Munch and Emmy (the cats), and Spanky and Stewart (the shih tzus). “I also enjoy watching anything on Food Network, HGTV and Bravo,” she added. Kristy and her husband recently celebrated the birth of their first child.

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