Gypsy Ensemble to perform April 27 at Bliss Hall

|The Gypsy Ensemble at Youngstown State University's Dana School of Music is a new student life group that performs and blends several styles of music.

The Dana School of Music’s new Gypsy Ensemble. Photo courtesy of YSU.

The Gypsy Ensemble, a new student group in the Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University, presents a free recital 8 p.m., Friday, April 27, in Room 2326 of Bliss Hall on campus.

Members of the ensemble include Tom Smith (lead guitar), Max Doyle (string bass), Joe Garwig (violin), Chris Mrofchak (rhythm guitar), and Mitch Lawrence (clarinet, soprano saxophone).

The group performs much of the music of guitarist Django Reinhardt, who electrified audiences in 1930s Paris with a new style of music that blended American swing, French dances and gypsy rhythms. The group performs standards of the repertoire and recasts contemporary pop music in the mold of 1930s hot swing.

The ensemble has performed numerous concerts in the Dana School of Music. François Fowler, YSU professor of Guitar, has called the group “one of the most exciting and original ensembles the Dana school has produced in years.” Randall Goldberg, YSU professor of Musicology, advises the group.

The recital is open to the public. Parking is available for a nominal fee in the Wick Avenue deck. For more information, call 330-941-3636.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    This group performed for a fundraiser I attended. They were GREAT! Lively music, nice sound. A free concert is a must see!


  2. Saw this group Friday night- they were delightful! I told my husband that they made me feel like I was in Paris, drinking a glass of wine! They had very Woody Allen-ish movie sound.


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