PHOTO ALBUM: Looking Back – YSU in Pictures

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THE EVOLUTION OF YOUNGSTOWN STATE UNIVERSITY – This photo set captures Youngstown State University – from its roots as Youngstown College and its transition to Youngstown College to its ultimate status as a state university. The earliest images depict campus life in the 1920s and 30s. You’ll see the Victorian mansions of Wick Avenue serving as classroom space, the construction of Jones Hall, and the importance of the downtown YMCA in the physical education and social life of students. Area residents with a keen eye also will recognize some legendary Youngstown coaches and athletes, particularly coaches Dwight “Dike” Beede and Dominic Rosselli. Even the groovy 1960s are represented with some far out clothes and funky social settings. The following images were part of the media campaign for Youngstown State University’s centennial celebration in 2008 and were provided by University Relations.

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  1. Frank Krygowski says:

    Great photos! But I wish they had informative captions – dates, locations, building names, names of people, etc.

    I can get a full screen view in Firefox by opening the photo in a separate tab, then opening _that_ version in a separate tab. Is there an easier way?


    • Frank,
      We’re still learning how to do bulk photo importing. It takes a really long time to upload sets. The photo information we had in another set (Idora) didn’t appear on the slide show, so we’re still figuring this out. But thanks for the suggestion. When we figure this out, we will make the necessary changes. You can view the individual photos from the gallery below the slide show. – Metro Monthly


    • Figured it out. Will start adding captions this weekend.


    • The Youngstown State University gallery now has photo captions.


  2. Theresa Wesolowski - Alpha Iota Sorority says:

    Is it possible to get a copy of the 1939 formal dance for Alpha Iota Sorority for our historical records?


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