Bishop Murry, Hagan meet over rescinded invitation and release joint statement

The Most Reverend George V. Murry, S.J., Bishop of Youngstown, and Ohio Representative Robert Hagan (60th District) met on Thursday, May 3, to discuss various issues. Below is a jointly released statement:

“We met together on May 3 to discuss the process which led to the rescinding of Representative Hagan’s invitation to speak at the Mercy School of Nursing’s graduation.  At our meeting, which was cordial and respectful, we acknowledged our various positions and understandings about a consistent ethic of life.  We noted that we disagree on the issue of abortion while at the same time agreeing on other issues of public policy, such as comprehensive immigration reform, health care access to all persons especially for the poor, the need for more public response to poverty alleviation, and the elimination of the death penalty.

“In the spirit of Christian charity, we agreed that we would continue to discuss with each other shared concerns and work together for the common good, fully aware that we may continue to disagree on certain topics.  We acknowledged the call of all Catholics to have fully formed consciences and to consider seriously the Church’s teaching on a consistent ethic of life.  We ended our meeting hopeful that we would continue this dialogue with mutual respect and dignity.”

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