PHOTO ALBUM: Spring Thing – Remembering Boots Bell

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BOOTS BELL – Local broadcast legend and radio personality Boots Bell – at work and with his family. All images courtesy of Leslie Bell Redman and Chris Bell. © 2012 The Metro Monthly, Leslie Bell Redman and Chris Bell.

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  1. My brother Bob Cope did the news there for several years in early 70’s, and remember being introduced and watched Boots at the station. Always listened to WHOT.


  2. jAMES CARTER says:



  3. Ray DeCarlo says:

    Boots actually taught broadcasting classes at YSU, He helped many people get started in the broadcasting business. He introduced me to a guy that led to me getting a job at IBM out of college.
    And it was really – “Yes indeedy doody daddy! Have yourself a HAPPY!” Thanks for the memories.


  4. Paul Yannucci says:

    I forgot about the “Yes indeedy doody daddy”. Boots was just a guy you loved to listen to and be around with.


  5. does anyone know who sang boots’ sign off song: “That’s All”?


  6. wasn’t the number for the station


  7. wow what memories – Boots was the voice of Youngstown for a kid like me . Now as the adult I thank you for what you taught so tastefully over those great radio waves , and yes its been a very Happy .


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