Taft Elementary posts supply lists on new teaching website

Parents hoping to connect with their children’s teachers at Taft Elementary School in Youngstown have another tool at their disposal, as the school’s supply and wish lists are now posted on the free TeacherLists.com website.

Parents can easily find exactly the supplies the kids need for back-to-school and – perhaps more important – the extra supplies that teachers feel would make for an even more effective classroom.

More than 20,000 teachers nationwide have posted their lists to the recently-launched site.

“The fact is that teachers spend nearly $500 each out of their own pockets each year on class supplies,” noted Tim Sullivan, founder of TeacherLists.com.  “As parents and community supporters, we need to do everything we can to provide teachers the support they need to inspire our kids and do their essential work most effectively.  TeacherLists.com is all about providing that support.”

“The fundamental idea is to help parents and teachers work together even more closely,” said Sullivan. “It’s about partnership from homework to schoolwork to discipline and even to school supplies.  Teachers inspire our kids, but they can only do that if the kids and the classrooms have all the supplies teachers need to do that work.”

Complete details and all the lists are available at <http://www.teacherlists.com/>

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