Agencies recover $2 million in stolen construction equipment in Trumbull County

A Salem man is facing felony charges after the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Cortland, Goshen Township and Salem police departments and investigators from the National Insurance Crime Bureau served two search warrants on Sept. 20 and 21.

Search warrants were obtained after an investigation by the Cortland Police Department resulted in the recovery of stolen construction equipment valued at nearly $500,000 and the arrest of Robert L. Martin, 46, of Salem for receiving stolen property.

Agencies served the search warrants on property owned by Martin, located on State Route 14 near State Route 165 in Goshen Township on Sept. 20. Another warrant was obtained and served on Martin’s residence on Salem-Valley Road in Goshen Township today.

The agencies recovered an estimated $1.5 million in additional stolen construction equipment and commercial tractor trailers. There is evidence that the property along State Route 14 was operating as a commercial chop-shop where stolen semi-trailers and their loads were being cut up for scrap.

The investigation is ongoing and the State Highway Patrol is seeking information from anyone who has done business with Martin or his company, Yukon Construction. To report information, please call the Patrol’s Vehicle Theft Unit at 330-898-2945, extension 30.

Martin remains incarcerated at the Trumbull County Jail.

A photo of the seized property is available on the Patrol’s website at

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