PHOTO ALBUM: Origins of Cedars – 1980s New Wave posters/publicity – Youngstown, Ohio

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This series of posters from the 1980s depicts the beginnings of original music at the Cedar Lounge. Highly regarded  as a venue for new and original music, the Cedars now faces an uncertain future at its present location in downtown Youngstown. Real estate developer Dominic Gatta, who recently purchased the building that houses the club, has stated that the Cedars will not be part of his redevelopment plans. Other posters are from venues that either preceded or were contemporaries of the Cedar Lounge. Posters are from the collection of Mark C. Peyko, Metro Monthly Publisher.

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  1. Louise Corsi says:

    The lime green B Minor alien poster was created by Louise Corsi.


  2. Hi Mark! I believe we are friends on Facebook. If you go into my photo album “Kicking it Old School”, you will find another poster that I created for a 8 Balls show that I did not see here.


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