Woodrow Wilson High School final walkthrough – Youngstown, Ohio (2007)

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Final walkthrough at Woodrow Wilson High School in the South Side of Youngstown in 2007. All images by Joan Minenok Yanchick. © 2007 Joan Minenok Yanchick. Used with permission.

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  1. Loved WW,, grad in 1963 and would like to talk to some of them from class of 63. I never see a reunion for that year.


  2. Larry Burtner says:

    Thanks for posting this !
    Enjoyed a little flashback. Class of ’73


  3. David Crawford says:

    Thanks for posting pics. I couldn’t make the walk thru but heard lots visited. Had some great times at good old W…W…WHS !!


  4. Some old school Wilson from the Metro Monthly Department Store! http://www.cafepress.com/metromonthly/9545906


  5. joseph planey says:

    “They” tore down a great school,replaced it with an ugly monstrosody,wasted $118,000,000,building other schools,which they are now closing,the graduation rate is 48%.what a shame and waste.no wonder this country is $17,000,000,000,000,billion in debt.who are the dummies,doing this????????……………Joe


  6. 50 year reunion?


  7. I’m a 2001 graduate from WWHS. Despite the fall of Youngstown, I’m still a resident and proud of my town. We’ve made some great strides lately and I have faith we’ll continue to turn it into a up and coming city for our future generations.


  8. Laura freeman says:

    It’s been 40 yrs since I left Youngstown and never looked back but always did love my school WWH . Did finally hear from my BFF Mary-Kay a few years ago and have kept in touch since. Always wondered what happened to a lot of my classmates from 71 – 72 tho I’m sure no one would ever recognize me now. Just glad to c the ole school one more time in these pics .would love to hear from some of u guys again!


  9. Dave Sandy says:

    Great photos. Will never forget my time at Wilson and cherish the memories. Glad i chose to go to school there.


  10. Had a great time @ WWHS. Would love to hear from some classmates from 1967. 50 class reunion? Jeanette


  11. Angelica Machado class of 2001. Looking back makes me cherish my high shool years.


  12. Have so many memories more good then bad. Class of 1994, was a great year. Looking through so many of the pictures and I have memories in almost everyone of them. Great post glad I ran across. C/O 94


  13. 1975 grad of WWHS. My last 2 years I went to Choffin, so I was only there twice a day. Great to see pics…takes me back


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