Trumbull Art Gallery’s ‘Typewriter Erotica’ recalls risqué pinup era

Eric D. Lough’s “Typewriter Erotica” opened on March 23 at Trumbull Art Gallery in downtown Warren. Metro Monthly and “Homeplate” spoke with Lough about the project at the opening, which features a series of risqué period-style portraits from the twenties through the 1960s. In addition, photo models Kate Starling and Haley Jane spoke about what it was like to work on the project. “Typewriter Erotica” continues through April 27. Visit Trumbull Art Gallery for days and times. An artist’s preview of the show can be found here.

The interview was conducted by Metro Monthly Editor Mark C. Peyko. Ron Flaviano of Homeplate Media recorded the interview.

A screen capture of the interviews with models Hayley Jane (left) Kate Starling.

A screen capture of the interviews with ‘Typewriter Erotica’ models Haley Jane (left) Kate Starling.

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  1. Wonderful video!! thanks for coming out and seeing my ‘Beauties and Their Machines!’ E.D.L


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