February 9, 2014: Stambaugh organ to accompany silent film ‘Metropolis’

Still image from the silent film, ‘Metropolis’

Still image from the silent film, ‘Metropolis’

Organist Peter Richard Conte will accompany the classic silent film “Metropolis” in a special screening at Stambaugh Auditorium at 4 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 9.

Conte will perform on Stambaugh’s E.M. Skinner Pipe Organ, which recently underwent a full restoration. Conte is the Grand Court Organist of the Wanamaker Organ in Macy’s located at City Center, Philadelphia.

“Metropolis” is a 1927 film produced in Germany during the Weimar Period and is set in a futuristic, urban dystopia. It follows the attempts of Freder, the wealthy son of the city’s ruler, and Maria, who has an unexplained background, to overcome the vast gulf that separates the classes of their city. “Metropolis” was filmed at a cost of approximately 5 million Reichsmarks, which made it the most expensive film ever released to that point. SilentEra.com rated it second on their list of the top 100 silent films of all time.

Tickets for “Metropolis accompanied by Peter Richard Conte are available by visiting stambaughauditorium.com or calling the box office at 330-259-0555.

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