PHOTO: Stone’s Restaurant in downtown Youngstown

Stone's Restaurant 2-14-14

Stone’s Restaurant in downtown Youngstown.

MAHONING MEMORIES & NOSTALGIA – This local postcard depicts Stone’s Restaurant, which was located on the southeast corner of West Federal and S.Hazel streets. The canceled postcard from Aug. 11, 1957 reads: “Stone’s Restaurant, in the center of Youngstown, Ohio, has been serving fine cuisine for more than 20 years. Private Dining Rooms and Bar available for Parties, Meetings, etc. Phone RI-7-6435 – Free Parking for customers 400 feet South. Enter lot on Boardman St.” The building, which still stands, houses First Educators Investment Corp.

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  1. My father managed Stone’s Restaurant during the 50’s until it was sold. I really can’t remember whether that was before or after 1957 (I was only 7 in 1957). I used to love going to the restaurant and getting my choice of candies from the display case under the register. Interesting coincidence that this issue is dated Oct 13th since that is the anniversary of my father’s death in 1972. Thanks for the memory.


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