Youngstown CityScape, Wick Neighbors merge organizations, combine missions


Youngstown CityScape and Wick Neighbors, Inc. are announcing the merger of the two organization as of Oct. 1. The combined entities now operate as Youngstown CityScape with Sharon Letson as executive director.  The decision to merge was made after 11 months of discussion and involved over 200 volunteer hours from both organizations.

Wick Neighbors is now a formal committee of CityScape, in the same manner as Streetscape and the Downtown Business Alliance of Youngstown (DBAY). The new organization continues Wick Neighbors’ work in infrastructure improvement and mixed-use real estate development, while CityScape offers its programs in the areas of beautification, improvement, preservation and education.

“The benefits of this merger include a more holistic mission, greater impact on the urban core, streamlined operations through combined leadership and combined credibility,” said Letson.

“This realignment of persons, programs and resources dedicated to the renewal of the quality of life for the core of our region will have a positive impact on the community,” said Pete Asimakopolous, president of the CityScape board.

The Rev. Richard Murphy, former board president of Wick Neighbors and now a member of the new board, believes the new CityScape will be able to produce outcomes that are beneficial to the core of the Mahoning Valley. “Unquestionably, downtown is not only the heart of the City of Youngstown, it is the heart of the entire region,” he said.

The new brand identity and logo of CityScape was designed and donated by Keynote Media Group. Letson said that the organization’s new positioning statement of “People + Vision + Action” clearly characterizes its commitment to the community.

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