$25,000 donation allows Mill Creek MetroParks to reintroduce ice skating at the Wick Recreation Area

Due to a $25,000 donation from the Julianna Kurinka Trust, Mill Creek MetroParks will begin preparations to re-introduce ice skating at the James L. Wick Jr. Recreation Area this winter. 

The existing sand volleyball courts will serve as the platform for ice skating – as they were originally designed – with the experience being further enhanced by the existing court lighting and seating. The Kurinka Trust donation will fund costs associated with the installation of skating-area liner and constructing, installing and maintaining the site. Additional costs will be funded by the MetroParks.

Skating will be weather-dependent as the venue will not be supported by a refrigeration system. Interested skaters will need to bring their own skates and be reminded to use the facility as outlined by the posted rules and regulations. There will be no charge for ice skating.                     

“Generations of Mahoning Valley residents fondly remember the splendor and grandeur of ice skating at the Wick Recreation Area. It is our hope that future generations of park visitors will recall this re-introduced recreational opportunity in the same way,” said Executive Director Aaron Young.

The Wick Recreation Area provides outdoor recreation throughout the year, including winter. Besides the planned ice skating, the park also offers sledding, a fire pit and an upgraded concession stand with more options for food and beverage.

For questions and more information about ice skating at the James L. Wick, Jr. Recreation Area, call Mill Creek MetroParks at 330-702-3000.

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