February 1-26, 2016: YSU gallery exhibit to feature alumni Maple Turner III, Henry Holden III

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Maple Turner III with his artwork. (Image courtesy of Youngstown State University)

YSU’s Department of Art and the Africana Studies Program is announcing an art exhibit highlighting African American History Month, featuring the artwork of two YSU alumni: Maple Turner III and Henry Holden III.

The exhibit will run from Feb. 1 through Feb. 26 in Bliss Hall’s Judith Rae Solomon Gallery. An opening reception will take place on at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 10 in the gallery, after which an artists’ presentation and discussion will occur from 6-8:30 p.m. at the McDonough Museum of Art.

Maple Turner III is a Youngstown native and YSU alumnus who began painting at the age of six with encouragement from his father, Maple Turner Jr., who is an avid collector of African art and sculptures. After years of painting, Maple Turner III entered YSU where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in 1999. Following his degree, he moved to New York City to pursue his career as an artist. While in New York, Turner sold his paintings to numerous galleries and private collectors and, after a learning exhibition in Paris, decided to apply to Parsons School of Design where he would later earn his Associate Degree in Fine Art in 2001.

After his experience at Parsons, Turner returned to Paris to create a series of French inspired collections and upon returning to New York City, entered City College where he earned his Master’s Degree in Fine Art (MFA) in 2005.

Turner works in various art media – sculpture, painting, ceramics and textiles. He creates his art with watercolor, acrylic, oil, sand and reused materials. As a batik artist, he applies the unique process of layering wax and dyes to superimpose imagery that is both colorful and abstract. The aim is to give the work a sense of perpetual freshness, no matter how long they are around. “Doing batik allows me to spiritually connect with my roots and beyond . . . with those cultures and people that have practiced it for many centuries around the world,” Turner said.

Henry Holden III was born in Milwaukee and graduated from YSU in with a BFA in 2014. His artwork—graphic design and screen printing, painting and sculpting—has been featured at the McDonough Museum of Art and the Judith Rae Solomon Gallery. He is currently a graphic designer for L.E. Black Phillips and Holden Funeral Home. In addition, he has recently designed a promotional poster for Major League Baseball Star Tim Beckham of the Tampa Bay Rays.

The exhibit and opening are free and open to the public. Parking is available in the M1 Wick Avenue parking deck for a small fee. More information is available by calling the Office of Community Engagement and Events at 330-941-2307. A complete calendar of events is available at web.ysu.edu/cac.

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Henry Holden III. (Image courtesy of Youngstown State University)
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