June 10, 2016: ‘Changing Views | Designing Youngstown’s Future’ reception at the McDonough

The John J. McDonough Museum of Art hopes to become a hub for exploring the possibilities for imagining public space in the city.

With that in mind, the McDonough will host a public reception for “Changing Views | Designing Youngstown’s Future” from 6-8 p.m. on Friday, June 10. The reception invites the public to participate in this ongoing collaborative effort.

“Changing Views” includes participation from regional universities, Youngstown city residents, the McDonough Museum of Art, and the City of You. YSU’s Regional Economic Development Initiative has teamed up with students and faculty from Kent State’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design and KSU’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative.

“Changing Views | Designing Youngstown’s Future,” which also features an exhibit (June 10-July 22), seeks to spark revitalization by demonstrating the potential for reuse and redesign in the area. The resulting projects hopes to allow residents and businesses to see a future that otherwise might not be imagined.

The exhibit highlights planning and design work that has taken place over the past year between YSU economic development professionals and city residents, along with the design expertise of KSU’s CAED and CUDC students.

In addition, A City of You storytelling booth will be available to record visitors’ thoughts about the city and its future.

The McDonough Museum of Art is located at 525 Wick Ave. in Youngstown on the YSU campus. Call 330-941-1400 for more information or visit http://mcdonoughmuseum.ysu.edu.

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