Publisher’s notes: Students see new possibilities downtown

It’s always interesting to see how strangers view your community.

Recently, planning and urban-design students from Kent State University have been using downtown Youngstown as a laboratory. With fresh eyes, they have created plans for rethinking and transforming underused spaces and blank real estate. The result is “CHANGING VIEWS/Designing Youngstown’s Future,” which is on currently on display at the McDonough Museum of Art in Youngstown.

The exhibit features work from YSU’s Regional Economic Development Initiative, Kent State’s College of Architecture and Environmental Design, and KSU’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative.

The work is interesting and inventive. One student uses colorful awnings, new windows and a rooftop garden to connect the Federal Place food court to Commerce and North Phelps. Others developed comprehensive branded signage to help visitors find their way downtown.

There are gardens, greenspaces and lots of ideas that reflect what’s current in city planning. Because it’s student work, not all projects are tethered to a financially achievable outcome, but it’s well worth seeing.

The exhibit has been extended until July 29. Check it out.

Enjoy summer, be well, and see you soon.

Mark C. Peyko

Metro Monthly Publisher


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