U.S. News & World Report’s ’Best Hospitals 2016-17’ ranks Cleveland Clinic No. 1 in heart care

The Cleveland Clinic – a Top 5 mainstay in U.S. News & World Report’s annual hospital rankings for 18 consecutive years – has climbed to No. 2 in the U.S., while retaining its position as the nation’s No. 1 hospital for cardiology and heart surgery for the 22nd successive year.

U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospitals 2016-17” also named Cleveland Clinic the No. 1 hospital in Ohio and the Cleveland area. In all, 13 Cleveland Clinic specialties placed in the Top 10 nationally, including nine in the Top 3 nationwide.

“I’m incredibly proud of this organization,” said Toby Cosgrove, M.D., Cleveland Clinic president and CEO. “It is a group of people that have come together to deliver absolutely world class care. We couldn’t have done it without everybody’s participation. The recognition is justly deserved and I’m very proud of the organization and everybody who works here.”

Since 1995, no hospital has ranked higher in heart care than Cleveland Clinic.

“We are very grateful, honored and encouraged to be recognized for 22 years as the best hospital in the country for heart care,” said Lars Svensson, M.D., Ph.D., chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute. “We are passionately committed to excellent quality of care for our patients during a changing healthcare environment.”

Cleveland Clinic is one of just 20 hospitals nationwide to earn a place on U.S. News’ 2016-17 Honor Roll, which recognizes hospitals that place “an emphasis on safe, efficient and appropriate delivery of care from birth to the end of life.”

Additional details from the hospital rankings include:

• Nine Cleveland Clinic programs placed in the Top 3 nationally – cardiology/heart surgery; diabetes/endocrinology; gastroenterology/GI surgery; gynecology; nephrology; orthopedics; pulmonology; rheumatology; and urology.

• With this year’s No. 2 overall ranking, Cleveland Clinic has been ranked among the country’s Top 5 hospitals for 18 consecutive years.

• Fairview Hospital received national rankings in four specialties – pulmonology (26), gastroenterology/GI surgery (32), cardiology/heart surgery (41) and geriatrics (41) – in addition to being ranked the No. 3 hospital in Cleveland and the No. 4 hospital in Ohio.

• Cleveland Clinic Akron General is nationally ranked in pulmonology (42) and is ranked the No. 9 hospital in Ohio.

• Cleveland Clinic Florida is ranked No. 1 in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale metro area, No. 5 in Florida and is nationally ranked in gastroenterology/GI Surgery (49).

• Hillcrest Hospital is ranked No. 5 in Cleveland and No. 12 in Ohio.

• In June, U.S. News released rankings for children’s hospitals. Cleveland Clinic Children’s received rankings in 9 of 10 pediatric specialties. In addition, Cleveland Clinic Children’s ranked highest in Northeast Ohio in cardiology/heart surgery, gastroenterology, and neurology/neurosurgery.

U.S. News analyzed nearly 5,000 hospitals nationwide, with just 3 percent earning a national ranking in even one category. Using objective measures such as patient survival, the number of times a given procedure is performed, infection rates, adequacy of nurse staffing and more, the rankings recognize hospitals that excel in treating patients who need an especially high level of care.

The rankings are available at http://health.usnews.com/best-hospitals and appear in the U.S. News “Best Hospitals 2016” guidebook, which was made available for pre-sale on Aug. 1.

For more information, visit http://www.clevelandclinic.org. The Cleveland Clinic’s Twitter account is http://www.twitter.com/ClevelandClinic

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