Q&A: Parental-custody rights in the state of Ohio

I am an unwed mother and my parents think they should have custody of my child. What are my custody rights? Ohio law (Ohio Revised Code, Section 3109.042) says that you have full custody of your child until and unless a court decides to give your legal and custodial rights to someone else. In parent […]

Q&A: Understand impact of independent-contractor misclassification

Why should I care about independent contractor misclassification? Independent contractor misclassification is the practice of treating workers as non-employees when the worker should really be considered an employee—and paid like an employee. Misclassification matters because many of the tax, employment, and employee benefits laws apply only to employees. Companies that treat (and pay) employees as […]

Q&A: Protecting your personal information from identity theft, fraud

I’ve been reading about data breaches affecting consumers. What can I do to protect myself? While there is no foolproof way to prevent the loss or theft of your information, you can take these steps to manage the risk: limit what you share; know what is done with your information; monitor your financial records; check […]

What to know about health insurance and 1095 forms

I’ve been hearing about these 1095 forms lately. Can I expect to get one? Large employers (with 50 plus full-time employees) will send each of their employees an IRS Form 1095-C. If you work full time for a larger employer, you will get this form. On it, you must report if you were offered health insurance […]

January 2016: Personal Finance Digest

Business start-up workshop: The Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County partners with SCORE, Counselors to America’s Small Business, in presenting this seminar. Are you thinking about starting a business in the near future or further down the road? Members of SCORE will address key topics for those considering beginning a business: start-up considerations, marketing, finances, […]

Personal Finance: Commonly asked employment law questions

I am supposed to get one 15-minute break during my shift, but my supervisor often tells me we are too busy for me to have a break and I don’t get one, nor do I get paid an extra 15 minutes when I skip my break. Is this legal? Yes. Neither state nor federal law […]

Home Savings hires Thomas R. Poe as senior vice president; responsibilities to include Cleveland market

The Home Savings and Loan Company is announcing the hiring of Thomas R. Poe as Senior Vice President, Market President, Northeast Ohio Commercial Banking. Home Savings is a subsidiary of United Community Financial Corp. (NASDAQ: UCFC). “We are very pleased to welcome Tom to Home Savings. He joins the Bank at an important time as we have begun executing […]

PERSONAL FINANCE: Answers to some legal, property questions following divorce

FROM THE OHIO STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Q: My soon-to-be ex-wife and I jointly owned our house. Can I put the title into my name alone when we get divorced? A: A deed identifies the title, or ownership interest, in your house. When people divorce or dissolve their marriage, usually the property is allocated to one party, or […]

What should I know before signing an oil and gas lease?

Shale-related development is bringing Ohio more than $12 billion in economic development projects, according to a recent report cited in Columbus Business First—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. None of this development would be possible if landowners were not leasing their oil and gas mineral rights. The oil and gas lease defines the […]

Federal laws protect employees who serve as caregivers

FROM THE OHIO BAR ASSOCIATION Q: What laws protect employees who serve as caregivers? A: Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) each may protect certain employees who must take time from work to care for family members. It is important to note that caregiver status by itself is […]