July 27: Butler Institute opens 78th National Midyear Show

The Butler Institute of American Art will present its 78th National Midyear Show from July 27 through Sept. 7. The museum is located at 524 Wick Ave. in Youngstown.

The exhibition features works by artists from 19 states, including artists from California, Colorado and Arizona. The Butler’s annual Midyear Show is open to artist 18 years of age or older who live in the United States or its territories.

This year, the exhibition was judged by Ben Schonzeit, a noted American painter. Nearly 1,000 entries from 289 artists were submitted. Schonzeit selected 91 pieces from 89 artists for the exhibition.

“Once again the Midyear Show offers a cross section look at the trends in painting in America. Visitors to the exhibition will be impressed with the skill and diversity of subject matter in this very popular Butler annual national show,” said Butler Director Dr. Louis Zona.

The following accepted artists received honorable mention recognition: Carl Demeulenaere (Grosse Point, Mich.); Libby Caldwell (Sedona, Ariz.) David Dorsey (Pittsford, N.Y.); Frederick Fochtman (Columbus, Ohio); Joel Carson Jones (Edwardsville, Pa.); Daniel Burke (Erie, Pa.); Leslie Adams (Toledo, Ohio); and Carol Klingel (Lodi, Ohio).

Other recognition was received by these artists: The Dianne B. Bernhard Art Spirit Purchase Award for pastels, George Maeuersberger (Cleveland, Ohio); The Phil Desind Award for realism, Carla Crawford (Oakland, Calif.); the Allied Artists of America Award, Allan Charles Orr (Youngstown, Ohio); third place, Peter West (Washington, Pa.); second place, John Younger (Ivy, Va.); and first place, Linda Tracey Brandon (Phoenix, Ariz.).

For more information, contact Kathryn Earnhart 330-743-1107, ext.123, or email info@butlerart.com.

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